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Sea Breeze Whippets

Queen Natasha Daniel

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Natasha was my very first whippet. I was incrediably lucky to have her, she was the pick girl puppy of her litter and given to me by a former roomate who raised whippets. I quickly fell in love with her and decided to find somethng for us to do together. When she turned 13 weeks I enrolled us in an obedience class with the Atlanta Obedience Club and we had so much fun! At the end of every class we had puppy playtime and all the puppies in the class would chase Natasha around and around the rings up and over the ring gates making for alot of tired puppies for their ride homes.
Our instructors told me Natasha was beautiful and I should think about showing her in conformation. I had been going to dog shows as an observer for 15 years already so I thought I might take her to a show and ask about showing her. Eventually, after to moving to St Simon's Island, I joined the Savannah Kennel Club and started taking her to handling classes and began showing her in local shows.
Well, After showing Natasha at 3 shows, and winning a 3-pt. major, I realized that she really didnt enjoy the show ring that much and decided to let her do something more enjoyable for her. So she breezed through the Canine Good Citizen and Therapy Dog Test and became a great therapy dog. She always thought that everyone was waiting for her and she would go up to a wheelchair or anyone and put her head in their lap. She was a natural!
When Natasha turned 3 years old I decided I had to have another one just like her so I went back to the dog shows and talked to people about breeding. Diane Bleeker of Morshor Whippets looked at Natasha's pedigree and decided that she should be bred to Ch Morshor's Majestic Prince JC. So we bred them and the puppies were gorgeous and that's how Sea Breeze Whippets began. Sadly Natasha passed away last year at age 11. She is truly missed and will be always.


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