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Sea Breeze Whippets

Sea Breeze's Dacia de la Mer

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CH Sea Breeze's Dacia de la Mer
(Ch Morshor's Majestic Prince X Queen Natasha Daniel)

Dacia (pronounced day-sha) lives with my Mom, Dad and Dacia's son, Lucky on St. Simon's Island, GA. which is the same island where I have my grooming shop, Sea Breeze Grooming.
Dacia was my pick puppy from my Shane X  Natasha litter.  She is very sweet . After having 1 litter we spayed her. Soon afterward she was in a terrible accident but came out all right after many trips and many dollars to the Orthopedtic specialist down in Jacksonville, FL. What a Horrible experience! Now she is happy riding around the island with my retired Dad in his truck.


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