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Sea Breeze Whippets

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Welcome to our website!

Sea Breeze Whippets is a small kennel with all of my dogs living in the house with me. I only breed about every 2 years. Presently I have 5 whippets in my house and 1 old pomeranian from when I lived in Buford Ga and bred pomeranians with my roommates. (But we ended up getting into whippets and thats where I got my first whippet-Natasha.)My Mom fell in love with whippets too and she has 2 of my whippets-Dacia and Lucky living with her and my Dad over on the Island (St. Simons Island).
I have a grooming shop (Sea Breeze Grooming) on St. Simons Island so I usually take a couple of whippets to work with me. The whippets are my greeters and most of my customers know them by name and some even bring them treats when they come to have  their dogs groomed.


I really believe the whippet is a great pet. They are great cuddlers (all mine that choose to, sleep in the bed with me), they love children are easy to care for and are just all around the best! They do have a few requirements that must be met. They cannot be left outside in the heat or the cold(whippets do not have the fat content the other dogs do and cannot adjust their temperature as well), they must have a fence that they cannot jump(One of my boys can stand at the bottom of my 6 foot privacy fence and jump right over!), and most of all they must never never be off a leash to run free unless you know they cannot get into trouble(they are sighthounds and their minds are set on chasing above all, with the game the only thing they see). I use the nylon rolled choke collars on my dogs, the plastic snap buckles can break and others can slip easily over their pointed little muzzles!
I love my dogs, they are my children. I only breed every 1-1/2 to 2 years and when I sell my puppies, I try to find them the best homes for each individual personality. They are my children and I feel that I am resposible for them to be happy.

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