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Sea Breeze Grooming

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Welcome to our web site!

Right now we want to get this site started but will working on it every day to get it finished.
Sea Breeze Grooming is located @ 3323-B Glynn Ave. Brunswick, GA. We are in the Little's shopping center right next door to A*B*A Barbers. We will be working on this site everyday to let you know about us and our services. Please call ahead for grooming appointments so we can offer our services in a more timely manner.
Just for a few quick thoughts about my experience:
-I am a Sept. 19 1993 graduate of Pet Boutique Grooming School in Atlanta, GA. 
-I spend  most weekends (and occassionally some weekdays) showing my dogs and some client's dogs, at  dog shows mainly in the southeast or trail riding and camping with my horse, Storm.
-I have both bred and shown dogs to their AKC championships.
- I have worked at veternarian hospitals including a vet who specialized in skin problems and dermatology and try to keep our customer's aware if I see anything that should be checked by their veternarian.

Please call us for an appointment at the following number and we will be seeing you as soon as possible!

  (912) 342-7014

Sea Breeze Grooming * 3323-B Glynn Ave.* Brunswick, GA * 31520